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Plantronics CalistoPro is my new favorite thing!

If you are a telecomuter or have a home-based business then the Plantronics CalistoPro will make your day. It is a wireless bluetooth headset and a cordless 1.9 GHz frequency phone all in one. You can even pair the same headset with your bluetooth cell phone, so it is a multi-purposed device. If you use Outlook for organizing your contacts you can download up to 100 contacts directly from a USB cable into the CalistoPro phone. You can wander with the phone at your home or office up to 300 ft. which is the length of a football field. It really does work! Of course if you don’t have the little phone clipped to your belt or with you in some form or fashion, then you can only go about 30 ft. with your headset since bluetooth technology is short range. If you want the full football field range you have to bring the mini-phone with you, which isn’t a problem because it’s only the size of a deck of cards (or even thinner). The only drawback to the CalistoPro is that it is earhook design only. It is pretty comfortable but if you prefer a headband over the top of the head you’re out of luck. There’s no headband for it, even if you wanted to pay extra. You can buy it at Founders Telecom by clicking on the link.

The CalistoPro plugs right into a standard analog phone jack at the wall (such as you’d have at home). If you have a PBX office phone system where you have to dial a 9 to dial out, this will not work as you would have digital instead of analog lines. The Avaya (or Lucent, AT&T) Partner phone series is the only exception. You can plug the Calisto Pro right into the AUX (auxiliary) port on the bottom of the phone and you have a great solution.

April 17th, 2009

The Plantronics CT14 finally came in (after 3 month delay)

I think the Plantronics CT14 was worth the wait! I just got one and tested it at home. It is very similar to the prior model CT12 except for one big difference. The CT14 is on the new 1.9GHz frequency so it won’t interfere with your wireless router. The old CT12 operated on 2.4GHz and it always knocked me off line since my Belkin wireless router is also on 2.4GHz. This one gives me no problems whatsoever since the 1.9GHz frequency is forever protected by the FCC as a frequency for voice only.

As for functionality it is very easy to use. The range is 300 feet (the length of a football field) which is double the range of the predecessor model CT12. It has caller ID, volume control, redial, memory, etc. The battery time is also much improved. It will go all day without needing to be recharged, even if you are on the phone non-stop for the entire day. It’s convertible so it comes with both the headset and ear hook. Wear it in either style or switch off just to mix things up.

One other note. If you happen to work in an office that has the Lucent Partner phones (also called Avaya Partner or AT&T Partner, depending on how long ago you bought the phone system), you can use the CT14. You would just plug it into the bottom of the phone in the AUX (auxiliary) port. Although the CT14 is a single-line phone when plugged directly into a headset jack, it acts like a multi-line phone when plugged into your Partner phone AUX port. It will mirror whatever line you have pressed down on the phone.

Now that the Plantronics CT14 is finally in stock you can it shipped right out by ordering online, click here.

April 17th, 2009


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