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Programming a headset button on a Mitel SuperSet 4025, 4015 phone:

If you have a Mitel SuperSet 4025 o4 4015 SuperSet phone and you’re trying to connect a headset to it and having not luck, the answer is that you have to use your SuperKey to set up a softkey to be your headset button. This new button that you create will be what you press to answer and end a call on the headset. It’s pretty simple. Too bad Mitel doesn’t make it easy and just have a headset button set up on the phone from the start. Here are the instructions to program the SuperSet for headset use:

Press Superkey
Press NO until you see: Personal Keys? (3rd one on the list)
Press YES
Select A Key – press a key on phone that is not in use
Press: Change
Press NO until you see: Headset? (I think it’s 15th or more on the list)
Press YES
You’re done.

The key that you select for the headset key must be lit when using the headset. Also, the headset connection plug is on the back of the phone.

Hope this helps! If you need to order headsets for your Mitel phone, give us a call at (800)333-0020 or visit by clicking here: Plantronics Headsets at Founders Telecom

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How can I get my headset to work on Toshiba DP5000-series Strata CIX phones:

If you have a Plantronics headset and you are plugging it into your dedicated headset port on your Toshiba DP5000-series Strata CIX phone such as DP5022-SD, DP5023-SD, DP5018-S, you have probably already come to the realization that you need to program a headset button on that phone in order for it to work. The headset button will tell the phone that you want to send the audio to the headset (rather than to the handset receiver). Once you have this button programmed, all you need to do when a call comes in is press that button to answer (and end) the call. Here are the elusive instructions for programming the headset button on your Toshiba phone:

Setting/Changing a Programmable Feature Button’s Function:

1. Press #9876 to enter User Programming Mode.

2. Press HOLD

3. Press whichever Programmable Feature Button you want to use.

4. Enter this code: 280

5. Press the same Programmable Feature Button again (it should be flashing) to save the setting. “DATA PROGRAMMED” should now appear on your LCD.

Hope this helps!! If you need to order headsets, give us a call at Founders Telecom (800)333-0020.

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